Continuing from my previous post (read here) of spending some self-think-through-stuff time under the supertrees, I got my tickets for Cloud Forest and Flower Dome just in time for the mist at 18:00! 😍 I absolutely love the grand floral structure. I’m not sure why but it looked like the garden for Adam & Eve the way I imagined it, beautiful like this.




I went right up to the sixth and another flight of stairs up later, I found myself standing in front of the entrance to Cloud Walk. I started getting nervous. I saw families strolling on as though they were on ground level. I decided to follow behind the families (they kinda block a little of my view and allow me to feel more at ease, kinda). Honestly, my first step out was trembly. 😖 I couldn’t hold on the handrails as they were on the extreme corner. At that moment, it felt like 10 miles away when it was only an arm length’s away.

Anyways. Stumbling my way down the structure, I managed to capture some beautiful sights. Not sure if I’ll ever head up to the sixth again but for sure, I’ll keep this walk-alone in my heart. 😌


Bisous. 💋