Dear diary,

Sowing a seed of kindness could just mean any random acts that does not cost too much of you like, holding the door for someone; giving way; smile; be little more patient to the cashier. Remember when we were young, we were taught to speak only kind words; we were taught to be nice; we were taught that we should lend a helping hand to someone in need? Well, many of us, including myself, have long forgotten about this teaching.

As much as I would love to be nice and kind every day, I struggle. There are seconds, or even minutes, in my day where I am on the verge of cursing someone when they cross me. Then I try to take a deep breath, and let it go. I shouldn’t take it personally to the bad decisions (being mean) people make.

Remember, it doesn’t hurt to be nice. 


Bisous. 💋

Ladurée Box of Six (SGD33)

P.S. Simple act like giving a coin to this couple who needed a trolley (at the supermarket) made me happy. It didn’t cost me much but it definitely worked well as a perk-me-up. I dare not ask but secretly hope that I have just paid it forward.