I   L O V E   B I R T H D A Y S !

Why, you may ask. Well, what’s to not love? I have yet met anyone who doesn’t love birthdays. Perhaps I can name the top 3 reasons why I love birthdays—my birthday to be exact.

  1. Indulge
    I get to indulge in a whole bunch of yummies, within a week! No need for advance planning and no calorie counting necessary—perfect excuse to binge. 😆
  2. Kaching, Kaching
    I get to go a little crazy on shopping! Just like how you’d semi-splurge when it’s CNY or Xmas, you do the same for your birthday. 😎 Now, open up all my online shopping tabs!
  3. Time With My Dearest
    This is the time of the year where all your dearest come together to celebrate your special day with you. And this year, I have my girlfriend specially flew in from Shanghai just to have dinner with me. 😌 How lovely. Also, friends who take time off to have a late night with you on a weekday (when they have to work the very next day!) These gestures meant more to me that anything else. Of course, and those who go the extra mile arranging a meal with you.

Thank you BFF for arranging such delightful afternoon at Odette!

📽   C A T C H   M Y   F A V   A T   2 3 S !

To a year more incredible! ☺️

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Bisous. 💋