H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   T O   M E !

I used to make my own arrangements for my birthday and whatnot but this year, it was special. It was planned and executed by my dearest! It was an absolute surprise when I received my unicorns. Unicorns are so special to me just because, they look so angelic! All I see are expressions of happiness on ’em all.

Monster got these lovely macarons in three different flavors—dark chocolate, salted caramel and oreo. Dark chocolate and salted caramel seems to be the crowd pleaser! 😋

Look at these blush-y expressions! 😌

Spot my newest puppy to the collection!

L A S T   B U T   N O T   L E A S T ,   M Y   U N I C O R N   C A K E

The was da bomb! Can you believe the entire exterior was buttercream of just-right sweetness? I thought it would be the usual fondant but I was wrong! They managed to work magic on the buttercream, and yes..there were layers and layers of rainbow sponge cake inside!


Bisous. 💋