Steps to DIY-ing your own bouquet.

  1. To get started, pick out a theme you’d like! I had imagined mine to be a garden in a wonderland. I picked Carla Flower, (my favorite for the day) as the principal flower—using it to the base of my theme.
  2. I then picked out a bunch of colorful little baby cabbages. 😂 I am using these to complement the principal flower, and bring out the “poppy” colors in a wonderland.
  3. Picked out a handful of greens to mimic the breeze in a garden. I made sure they were long and skinny since so it would not overpower my principal.
  4. Set your flowers up neatly and get your tools ready!


They were put together in quite a trial and error way, by the colors, by textures, by volumes, and most importantly, by feel. Keep arranging / rearranging them. Sometimes, I tear them all apart a couple times before putting together something I am pleased with.

Have fun with it and don’t forget to share your DIY bouquets with me! Tag me on Instagram @cylellis!


Bisous. 💋

August 6, 2016