Time flies by so quickly I wished we had 48 hours in a day. After posting Star Shine, Star Bright, I realized I have moved on from it. Pour changer. 😂 I guess that’s how a Gemini lives. And so, I spent my nights creating another, and all twelve months at a go for you to download ’em!

Click here to download the Fabulous White calendars. I have ’em saved as high resolution PDF. Just fit to page when printing on A3, A4, Letter. Have fun with ’em and tag me @cylellis on Instagram if you are doing flatlay with ’em–would love to see Fabulous White in use!

Happy Tuesday!


Bisous. 💋

Do note that Fabulous White is meant personal use only and cannot be altered, sold or redistributed. Merci!

January 16, 2017
February 13, 2017