Beijing · Winter Brunch at TRB

I love dining at Temple Restaurant Beijing. It’s the one place I find extremely friendly faces. It was the first place I dined alone and it has trained me well. I now dine alone without fear of being judged. I am starting to enjoy alone time. Peace and serenity, with occasional…

Freaking Out

Dear diary,

It wasn’t recently that I have came to realization that a person’s attitude matters a lot, and that it’s cultivated overtime. The endurance, the acceptance.. It was tough for me to be living back with my family. All that freedom, space, peace and serenity. Don’t get me wrong….

Tout Est Possible

Dear diary,

Now that I’m wandering the streets alone in Beijing, I can’t help but eavesdrop on people’s conversation. Is it true that girls bond over love-talk and gossips? Do we make friends with someone who have no similar interest with? Have you ever met someone new and you thought…