It has been more than six years ago when I went crazy over headbands, all because of the TV drama—Gossip Girls. Remember Blair Waldorf? That adorable queen bee and her minions. 😍 That was kinda the only drama I was into at that point of time. I was so excited when the drama was on air because I have been reading the book for a long time.

I was a little bewildered by the cast they chose but I guess it grew into me after a couple episodes. I started loving Blair for how real she was. I used to love Blair and Nate together but later on, I realized Blair should be with Chuck. Hundred and ten percent rooting for them. 😆 Gawd, I need to stop.

Anyways. Through Blair, I started loving headbands and I went gaga over Ferragamo ones! Guilty but yes, I leave with a headband nicely wrapped in a lovely red box after every visit to their boutique on Fifth Avenue and Times Square HK. 😜 What’s your one guilty pleasure when you were younger?


Bisous. 💋

Salvatore Ferragamo Headbands (EUR120)

July 1, 2016