Ah Cancún.. T’es trop belle ! Je veux apporter mon boo là quelque jour ! J’y vais !

You would just stay dipped in the amazing infinity pool all day long, with your favorite summer playlist and endless glasses of cocktails, like I did. 🎧🍸🍸 I dipped and swam to infinity. This is what life should be like—feeling blessed and away from all problems (first world problems 👻).

Cancún was on the table as one of the three summer beach vacay cities up for selection. For years, I was usually the in-charge for getting an accommodation and working out an itinerary. This trip was one of the few where I let go entirely and went with the flow (with a disclaimer for clean bathroom, like always). Not expecting an infinity pool, picturesque view or virgin taco experience, we checked in the resort and was totally blown away throughout the trip. Vacaying in a city overflowing in beautiful shades of blue made me want more paradise getaway.

Not sure if it was my age catching up or did I get sick and tired from traveling to only big cities but me relishing during my stay in Cancún took me by surprise.


Bisous. 💋

The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas & Spa, Cancun (USD210/night)

July 10, 2016