I love starring up into the structures in this Cloud. Simply serenity with your playlist plugged. Haven’t you wonder why some are afraid of heights while others love the adrenaline rush from the thought of free falling? Not sure if it’s just my head but my palms go sweaty at the slightest thought of it. I am always amazed at people who goes gaga over skydiving, water-sliding, etc. It gets me so nervous. 😱 😨 😰

While strolling around in the Cloud Forest, I started getting worried when I realized I had to take the elevator up to the sixth floor and do a Cloud Walk by myself. Where’s my love to hold my hand and tell me not to worry when I needed him? 😭

Perhaps I should visit this place twice a month and I just might be able to not tone down my fear heights in no time!


Bisous. 💋