I have seen loads of photos of the beautiful Cherry Blossom season 🌸 , especially in Japan, but I have never seen it real-life! Yes, I know, I know. There’s a place in San Francisco known as Japantown where they do have Cherry Blossoms during Spring each year but unfortunately, of my five years there, I have never visited it when it was in its prettiest. 😅

Anyways, being a tourist-self, I went to the Flower Dome the other day and wow! Beautiful flowers but pardon the humidity you could sniff out. 👽 I just wish to be traveling every single season of the year but I guess life doesn’t work that way, especially when age is catching up with you. I felt pressured into getting an actual job and slog my youth out with it. Well, that seems to be what many are doing. Slog, maybe not. But definitely not an easy-breezy time.

If I may, I hope to see Japan 👘 next Spring, when rows of sakura are blooming! 🌸 🌸


Bisous. 💋