There are tons of local delicacies to fill your belly with while in Shanghai and XiaoLongBao is a must (other than DaZhaXie and ShengJianBao)! 😋 And City God Temple (a huge square with a lot of small shops and restaurants) is the best place to get it! When you arrive on the first floor of NanXiang (name of restaurant), you will see a long line (especially on weekends) queueing for to-go. But hey guys, seriously.. If you have made your way here, just dine in! Think of the piping hot soup dumplings. Just suck it up and head straight up to the third floor, and all the way back to the VIP area.

I love how they are freshly steamed and served. And I love the soupy stock in there—one of the essential element to love or hate the dumpling! My lips are so sticky after.

Don’t matter collagen or fats. Soupy sticky stock speaks love.



Finally published! Here’s another article I wrote for the travel/food column for a magazine.

I used some photos I captured during my alone-travel-adventure for these articles. 📷 And I usually do up something light to share if I spot something really really awesome or interesting. For the travel columns, I write them in English, except once in a while practicing my Chinese by coming up with a title 😝. Someone will sum it up and translate the writings into Chinese, and finally published in both languages! Which is pretty interesting IMO. Kinda like parallel reading.

I am now working on the next article. 📝📝 Hope my b loves it!


Bisous. 💋

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July 8, 2016