I guess I just found a favorite stretch to stroll along during sunset—part of Marina Park. It has been a while since I took a walk during sunset. I miss the sunset stroll at Parc Monceau that’s right across from my Parisian apartment. You watch children running around after their school, couples taking the walk, friends gossiping over coffee. It was amazing. And I, was strolling all by myself.

It’s weird but I seemed to have become so alone. Sometimes I wonder where my friends are. 😧 Well, they are scattered all over the globe and that’s probably why I am alone most of the time. Sorry for the emo-oh. That’s why chasing pavements does to you. Haha. Jokes aside now. I actually enjoy alone time as long as I have my playlist running and camera on hand.

What’s on your playlist when you’re taking a quiet evening?


Bisous. 💋

July 10, 2016