Since Gardens by the Bay was done constructing in 2012, I have only been there twice. Once with Marv, and once with the family. Yet, I have yet stepped foot into the talked-about Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Twice to just witness the magnificent supertrees! I had an hour-ish to spare while waiting for Marv and decided to pop by since I was around the area.



As usual, under the scorching sunset-sun and basking in humidity, I braved up and spent a little time sitting under the supertrees. 🌳 🌳 I was listening to my repeat-a-thousand-time playlist and I realized there are so much I wanna do, other than constantly traveling, I hope to make up my mind and stay put in a city for at least a year. 🔮 ✨ ✨ This goal may be easy peasy for many but definitely tough for me. It has been four years since I left San Francisco and I have yet lived in another city for more than a year each time. Six to nine months maximum. And in every city, I can’t stay for more than two-three months without traveling somewhere, long or short.

A year seems like a reallllly huge commitment to make.

Oh well, wish me luck and that I manage to think through soon enough! 💜


Bisous. 💋