Mmm.. W are generally quite consistent across the globe. Whitewashed rooms with an abundance of natural lighting, chic lobby, great lounge music.. I have stayed in six different W Hotels (not counting the ones I have been to for random afternoon tea and drinks) all over and W Barcelona is definitely my favorite!

W Barcelona has a duper sweet double-deck where the pool and suntan areas are and, their bar sits on one of the highest floor. Not too much of shimmery city lights (it’s Barcelona) but definitely a sweet spot for great music while watching the sun goes down. Probably has the biggest room amongst all the other W I have spent nights in.

W Taipei is what a typical W would be. All that you would think of a W but without that additional wow factor. This is totally a one-sided opinion. Perhaps I am numb to all that it offers. But hey, don’t get me wrong. I love it, and would love stay there again. Spacious room with super nice housekeepers. Le Meridien Taipei is right on par, just because their rooms are quite similar and that they offer an Eiffel Tower afternoon tea set. Haha. 😛

W London offers a spacious and interesting room! There is an island counter in the room! How sweet. This is something no other W, I have been to so far, has. Lounge wise, nice vibe. It has to be, it is W!

W Times Square is without a doubt, my go-to hotel whenever I travel to New York. Situated right at Times Square, quite easy for me to great around the city. Speaking of New York, I am missing the famous Madison & 5th, my favorite Korean Town (where we got quite wasted), must-go Meatpacking district, etc. Back to topic. W Times Square offers a nice size lounge filled with a lot of very chic individuals (definitely the kind you would see on a W advertisement) while room size wise, quite petite.

W Paris, screams OMG! Teeny-weeny! 😷 Did not like the room nor the bathroom, not even the elevator. I know it was built in an old building but still.. The interior should be kept consistent, no? This is a one-off disappointment which I swear to stay off W while in Paris. Their lounge is pretty good, consistent but nothing to sweep me off my feet. Anyways, why would you go to a lounge at W if you are in Paris? There are tons of other interesting places to be spending time at!


W Lakeshore is kinda different. Their lobby is a lot brighter, I meant SUPER bright. I kinda felt like I was ready to go to the beach? I was quite anxious to meet my room. I am still affected by the room in W Paris, till date. Okay.. I am exaggerating but you get my point. 

Finally got my key card after twenty-ish minutes. I tapped my card and push the door opened.



Wheeeeeeeee. Bingo! Another whitewashed room! Love it! Pretty good choice picking W Lakeshore as my week-long home during my stay in Chicago. A really short walk to the Magnificent Avenue and to the Navy Pier. And oh have I mentioned, as touristy as it may seemed, Navy Pier is one of my favorite places in Chicago!

Can’t wait for my next stay in another W Hotel.


Bisous. 💋

August 6, 2016