As I came to an end of my 5 months stint in Beijing, I flew back to Shanghai for a night with my friends before leaving China. It usually takes me hours just to decide which hotel I’d love to sleepover at. Well, that’s if my dad ain’t in Shanghai. Otherwise, that’s where I’ll crash. I’ve tried a couple hotels but I love love love Peninsula.

No, it ain’t ’bout the amazing walk-in wardrobe. No, it ain’t ’bout the wonderful spa session in your own bathtub. No, it ain’t ’bout the luxurious designer body kit by Oscar de la Renta. No, it ain’t ’bout the high thread count sheets. No, it ain’t ’bout the impeccable service. No, it definitely ain’t ’bout their rooftop bar I love.

Eh hey, you got me. Of course it is! The list of love can go on and on but the one thing that makes me go back—it’s Peninsula. 🙈


I’m no kid but I take a softie with me whenever I travel.


Gently hit a button and let it dim.

When a crazy load full of work is finally off your back.. I just wanna slip in the tub, drink some champagne and nibble on ’em strawberries. Life~~

Here are my 3 favorite places on The Bund.
1. Sir Elly
Duhh, right above my favorite sleepover room. It serves me and B’s favorite!

14/F The Peninsula Shanghai
5:00 pm to 12:00/1:00 am

2. El Willy
My favorite Tapas restaurant in Shanghai. Maybe it’s the vibe, the view but definitely, the food.

5/F, Zhongshan East 2nd Rd, Shanghai, China
中山东二路22号5楼 – 5/F
1am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm

3. Le Rêve
Waking up in Peninsula means being able to cross the mini street to grab my favorite dessert as a brunch treat. Read about it here!

1/F, Yifeng Galleria, 88 Yuan Ming Yuan Lu 
圆明园路88号 益丰外滩源1F

As much as I’m happy to be taking a break off Beijing, I miss my LMI family and I can’t wait to work with everyone again. Every 5 months stint with you, nurture me into a better self.  🍄


Bisous. 💋

The Peninsula Shanghai (RMB2,900 par nuit)