Wearing Zara long gray sweater, McQueen trainers, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Super pretty pool at COMO 😻

Beginning of 2017 has flown by so quickly. 10 days have passed and I am already planning for my next travel location. Some of what’s on my decision list.. I need to pick one, or maybe two?

  • SFO > Hawaii – my authentic spammmmmm musubi! 🍣
  • Bahamas – swimming with the pigs 😍👙🐷
  • Spain because I miss my sister
  • Bali / Boracay – to eat, beach, surf 🏄
  • Japancherry blossom 🌸
  • Aussie > Tasmania – southern lights ☄️☃️
  • Seoul – pour manger
  • NYC > Orlando – Christmas at Disneyland!

Well, there you go. Some of where I’m thinking of going. Too many places, too little time. Which should I go to? Maybe I gotta first find out who’s traveling with me! #firstworldproblems


Bisous. 💋

January 6, 2017
January 16, 2017