Isn’t it exciting for now is the season of Japanese Restaurant Week? If you do not already know, Japanese Restaurant Week falls between March 06–26 2017—which is right now! 😍 Many of us have probably created a long checklist from their long list of 70 participating Japanese restaurants—from Yakiniku/Yakitori, Sushi, Shabu-shabu, Ramen/Soba, Izakaya/Japanese Dining, to Café/Bakery in Singapore.

Now comes the question. Other than savoring the delicious and delicate Japanese cuisine, which is the number one thing to do, how else can you enjoy Japanese Restaurant Week? Here, I’m gonna share with you the two things we can boost our indulgence to the fullest!


  1. ONSEN

Yes, look no further. Let’s have a relaxing afternoon at an Yunomori onsen & spa at Kallang Wave Mall!

Love this pretty yukata!

It’s a pity we couldn’t bring our camera into the onsen area—well, everyone is almost bare so it makes sense to not do that. They have 5 different bath in there:
· Soda Bath—this was alright, I was sweating by the time I entered this bath 😁
· Silk Bath—this seems to be the warmest among all 4 heated bath
· Bubble Bath—I love this! It is supposed to moisture and rejuvenate your skin!
· Jet Bath—This was cute but I guess I’m too short and have too much fats. My legs kept floating up. 😂
· Cold Bath— This, I plucked up my courage and ice myself up to my neck just because le bff said it will help freeze my fats. Oh motivation, it comes in magical ways.

We headed to the café to feed our belly after the onsen!

Cheers to beer before food!

Let the beer speak.

Omnomnom. My curry katsu! They are really generous with the serving!

We actually had a super long nap in the resting area after lunch. I can safely say we were in there for about 2 hours. Can you imagine? 😴 It was so comfy! Now, what’s the other thing you could do to get the most out of Japanese Restaurant Week?



Yes, you heard me. Participating in the draw in no easier than visiting any of the participating restaurants! And no, you do not need to spend a fortune to participate. 😉 I have created a step-by-step (5 simple steps) for you to follow through registration so hesitate no more and fingers crossed for a trip to Japan! 🇯🇵 👘 🌸

Round-trip to Japan aside, there are other prizes like DIY ikura don set, onsen entrance fee, lucky bag and Japanese hand towel!

Bonne chance mon ami!


Bisous. 💋

March 14, 2017