Rise and shine guys! It’s a short stopover in Beijing and we have no time to waste! Let’s get ready for brunch after my morning fix!

People who has been to Beijing would love its blue blue sky! This trip, I have chosen to stay with W Beijing—all for their floor-to-ceiling glass panes and huge round tub in the middle of the room!


📽   L E T ‘ S   B R U N C H   T O G E T H E R !


Brunch time with Annabella. There is just something about TRB that lures me back every time I am in Beijing—even though their menu doesn’t have much of a drastic change. Holla at me if you’d love to see more of these videos!

Foie Gras Terrine / White Chocolate / Green Apple

Rigatoni / Foie Gras / Artichoke Puree / Hazelnut

Slow Cooked Salmon / Vodka / Lime

Chocolate Feuillantine / Kumquat Confit / Tonka Ice Cream

Milk & Mandarin / Crispy Meringue / Yoghurt Sorbet / Mandarin Marmalade


Temple Restaurant Beijing
23 Shatan N St, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi
北京市 东城区 沙滩北街 嵩祝寺23号(近五四大街)

Temple Restaurant Beijing
2 Jianguomen S St, JianWai DaJie, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi
北京长安街 W酒店, 建国门南大街2号


Bisous. 💋