Pulling out an outfit for the day is never an easy task, especially when you are trying to travel light. You get limited pieces of clothing. I used to overpack for every of my trip and it causes me quite a headache. It was never easy to lug around a heavy baggage. Since my Aussie trip last fall, I was amazed at what my BFF could fit in sucha tiny four wheeler—I was inspired. 

I decided I should try out the same thing during my weekend trip to Hong Kong. In order to stay away from overpacking, I chose to style up with some easy focal points. We all know summer in Hong Kong is never breezy all day. You get hit with the craziest sun slapping UV rays on your skin. Even if you manage to get some shade from the never-ending rows of tall buildings, some times it just doubles up as a wind-breaker.

Below are three tips I go by so I don’t look like all I packed was tee, shorts and flip flops.


T I P   O N E
F O C U S I N G   O N   F O O T W E A R

Here, I was slouching on the comfy chair in my one piece jumper shorts but styling it up with my pretty Chiara Ferragni pointed toe ballet shoes.


T I P   T W O
F O C U S I N G   O N   N E C K L I N E

Find ways to swap out your typical white tank top with an off-shoulder bell sleeve blouse! Doesn’t it feel a little more dressy instantly? Of course, not forgetting my earring (single ear) as the statement piece to bring more attention to my neckline!


T I P   T H R E E
F O C U S I N G   O N   D E T A I L S

Having to do loads of walking in Hong Kong means you gotta wear something easy to go up and down the slopes and steps. Here, I chose to style up my comfy wide leg pants with a crop top. Spot the little zippy detail on my top. Oh and yes, I will make sure to do up my hair whenever I wanna go minimal with my accessories! I know heat weighs my hair down so with wavy locks, I don’t look like I am walking out with a head of straight unkept locks.

Hope these three tips work for you too!


Bisous. 💋