H O U R   O F   L O V E
We are all familiar with the term golden hour but hey, I call this mid day blush the hour of love.


Y E T   A N O T H E R   L U N C H   F A V

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin this and that but this is the first ever pumpkin ravioli I’ve tasted and man, absolutely in love with it!


B E E R   T A S T I N G   P A D D L E

Yes, like it says on the menu. Why not try a sample of 4 of our beers on tap. Yes sir, so will I. Front to back—Pale Pilsner, Koala Pale Ale, Pinnacle Amber & Pyramid Brown. Sadly but gladly, I now know I am not a fan of pale ale, at all. 😬

The prettiest Go Kart place!

Road trips are an exceptional love of mine because of the unexpected beauty of things and nature you will chance upon. On our way to Phillip Island, we pulled over when we saw a pretty shoreline and true enough, I wish we had a little more time to just sit there for a bit. Although we weren’t able to go kart because we got to the karting place too late, we got a close encounter with some kangaroos, and cows, and sheep and more! Oh yes, and penguin watching! They are so tiny, so adorable I just wanna put them in my purse and bring them home. Someone, anyone? Sneak over a handful of penguins for me please?


Bisous. 💋

August 14, 2017
August 29, 2017