If you followed my previous blog, you would know that I used to visit Hong Kong at least twice a year. It’s insane how you keep visiting the same city, doing the same thing over and over again. But trying hard to fit in an extra day for exploration at somewhere random, somewhere new. See, the thing is, when you only have a long weekend at a city, and you have soooo any old-but-loved places to visit again.. You really can’t do too much new and impromptu exploration.

I have learnt something though (Chinese saying of 有捨才有得)—you need to give up in order to gain. This trip, I decided some places could be skipped and so we spent the afternoon exploring Central and finally, we found some cool spots, and oh, a bar with over 700 whiskies. Safe Bubbles & Malt has to be my new favorite in Hong Kong!



Bisous. 💋

August 14, 2017