A M A Z I N G   B R U N C H   A T   F R A T E L L I   P A R A D I S O
Fresh pasta, well done calamari & yummy muffin

We were supposed to there for brunch (more like late breakfast, for their pastries and muffins) but we got there 20 minutes before it hits lunch menu and by then, lots of breakfast items are already snapped up by all the early birdies! Lucky us, Marv’s sister saved us a delicious blueberry muffin. Guys, I love blueberries (eating the fruit itself) but never a fan of anything made with/of/from blueberries but this muffin changed my mind! 😍 😍 Once again, is it because it’s Aussie? Not sure. But definitely Fratelli Paradiso. The blueberries in the muffin ain’t overpowering, slightly crumbly on the outside and just perfect texture on the inside. OMG, I want more speaking of it.

Since we are going for their lunch menu, we tried their pasta! Really freshly made ravioli. 👍🏻 👍🏻 It could’ve been better if they drizzled a little less olive but the pasta itself was amazing! You have to try it if you are in town. On the contrary, their calamari wasn’t oily at all! Dry, soft, slightly chewy. The kind you can’t stop nibbling on!


A L W A Y S   T U M M Y   F O R   D E S S E R T
Sea salt soft serve on cone

I love soft serves and Aqua S serves up some extremely “light-weight” desserts. Just wished their fairy floss weren’t sold out!


T A K E   A   L I L ‘   M I D – D A Y   B R E A K
Freshen up with a view

The view from Fraser Suites was lovely!


P A D D L E   P O P   S Y D N E Y
In love with these paddle pop skies.

Hey Opera House, finally saw you and dined there. So much love.

Sunset view at the hour of love from our room at Fraser Suites.

I’ve always thought Melbourne was a much happening city as compared to Sydney but I guess I was wrong, so terribly wrong! 😃 Until I stepped foot in Sydney, I never knew she could be so lovely! It feels so much like our sunny island except they have much better hipster café, pretty walls and perfect weather. 😌 Can’t wait till my next visit to Sydney. Hopefully soon.


Bisous. 💋

September 5, 2017
September 19, 2017